Housing Rules for Tabellen

Studentboende i Årsta

A. General Guidelines

1. Residents are expected to download the DIS Navigate app and activate their account, in order to receive important communications from DIS.

2. Residents may not store weapons, fireworks, explosives or other objects that may cause personal harm.

3. The use of candles (unless they are electric) is not permitted in your apartment. The burning of incense is not permitted either.

4. Smoking (including e-cigarettes and water pipes) is not allowed indoors. Smoking must take place a minimum of 5 meters from the entrances to the building.

5. Illegal substances are not allowed on the property. If a tenant is found to possess, consume or sell illegal substances on-site, immediate police action and expulsion from the property will ensue.

6. In case of missing items, including lost keys, or damages incurred in your apartment, common areas, stairwell or outdoor space, please contact DIS Facilities at fixit.disabroad.org.

7. In case of emergency facilities problems (cracked water pipes, no power in the whole building, etc.), contact Securitas day or night at +46 10-470 55 10. Please note that lost/missing keys is not considered an emergency.

8. Residents may only let their own guests into the building.

9. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests, financially and otherwise.

10. Animals are not allowed on the property.


B. The Floor and Common Areas

1. In order to maintain clean and comfortable common areas for all, residents must clean up after themselves within a reasonable time frame whenever they have used the common areas or laundry room.

2. If property is damaged, and a single person can be held accountable, they will be held financially liable for any repairs needed. If this is not the case, residents will be jointly held liable for the damage, unless a resident can document their own absence during the event in which the damage occurred.

3. Hallways and all stairwells act as fire passages and must not be used for waste or storage of items. There must be free passage in all areas at all times.


C. Standards of Conduct

1. Noise from musical instruments, stereos/speakers, TVs, etc. must at no time bother other residents in and around the property. Quiet hours (periods where noise levels must be completely subdued) are during the following hours:

  • Sunday-Thursday from 22:00 to 8:00.
  • Friday-Saturday from 23:00 to 8:00.

2. Residents are encouraged to notify fellow residents about social gatherings (I.e. posting in the DIS Navigate app to let students know the hours of the gathering and how a resident can contact you if there is a noise complaint).

3. Keep the outdoor areas clean. Do not throw anything on the ground outside.

4. Trash must be disposed of properly:

  • Trash from your apartment must be disposed of in the dumpster outside the building. Recycling should be taken to the recycling room outside the building, behind the dumpster.


D. Notes

1. These house rules have been developed by DIS.

2. Complaints about the violation of any house rules can be sent to housing@disstockholm.se. DIS will, if possible, consult the parties involved and then decide what appropriate actions should take place.

3. Violation of these house rules may result in the termination of a rental agreement.

4. DIS employees have the right to issue consequences for violations of any house rules and their instructions must be followed.