English-speaking applicants

Are you a student in Stockholm? Are you interested in living in a unique, international environment with students from primarily the U.S. and Sweden? If so, we encourage you to apply to live at a DIS studentboende.

We are happy that you are interested in living in our student housing

If you are interested in living in DIS student housing, the next step is to submit an application. After the application has been submitted, we invite qualified applicants to a video interview. You can apply for our accommodation all year round.

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If you have questions regarding DIS Studentboende, contact us at housing@disstockholm.se

Application Requirements

To be considered for a room, you must:

  • Be between age of 18 and 27 years
  • Be actively studying in Sweden (or have applied for your upcoming studies) *
  • Have at least one year left of your education
  • Have a valid residence permit in Sweden

* If you have not applied for your upcoming studies yet, you can use this document as an attachment to your application: admittance to an educational institution


To be eligible to apply for a spot at a DIS studentboende, you must be enrolled in an educational program in Sweden. Exchange students in Sweden for an academic year or semester, such as through Erasmus, are also welcome to apply. The education can be practical or theoretical: you can be training at vocational school, you can be studying at a university (bachelor, master, doctorate, etc.), or you can be enrolled in another educational program. Proof of studies is usually shown through your Mecenat student card, or a letter of proof of enrollment in your educational program from your institution.

Rent and contract

The contract between the tenant (you) and the landlord (DIS) is made on a four-month to one-year basis. For our student housing on Södermalm, we offer a shorter, fixed-term contract. If we offer you a room, you will sign a formal contract. The contract will be in Swedish according to Swedish law. The contract is dependent on you being enrolled in a study program in Sweden. If you withdraw from your education program, you can no longer live at a DIS studentboende.


There are specific expectations of the residents at a DIS studentboende. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our expectations before you apply.

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The application process

The application process consists of two parts; an application and an interview. It is your application together with your interview that determines whether you are offered accommodation with us.

The written application

With your application, the Patronage Card is also sent as proof that you are studying. If you do not have the Patronage Card, please attach a study certificate in PDF format. Please note that admission certificates or grading documents do not count as a valid certificate.


We review the applications continuously. Qualified candidates will be contacted in 1-2 weeks and are then invited to a video interview

Reply to your application

After the interview, you will receive an answer from us via e-mail. If you have qualified for a place in our accommodation, you will be booked for an apartment tour before signing the contract.

Who and what is DIS?

DIS is a non-profit study abroad organization established in Denmark in 1959, with locations in Copenhagen and Stockholm. To get to know us and our students better, visit our global homepage to learn more.