DIS betonar vikten av mångfald och respekt

DIS i Sverige

Till följd av den politiska utvecklingen i världen har DIS gjort ett officiellt uttalande om den roll DIS spelar som utbildningsinstitution idag och i framtiden.

Ta del av DIS tillkännagivande på engelska:

”The recent U.S. election as well as political shifts in Europe have created a more polarized political reality and debate. Tensions have heightened and opposing viewpoints and values are more sharply juxtaposed.

In this landscape, what we do at DIS has never been more important – and never more challenging. We remain firm in our commitment to inspire our students’ love of learning and the development of life skills essential for their engaged citizenship. Across our community we seek to foster inclusive, constructive conversations and to discuss and scrutinize current burning issues. The goal of a DIS education is to support academic inquiry and facilitate learning, not to create further divide nor reinforce stereotypes.

DIS must provide a place for discussion and debate of different views, while we uphold our unwavering commitment to diversity and respect for others. We strive to maintain this balance every day.”

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